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So one day I was at the gym and in between sets I happened to take notice of a female walking past with the same over the ear headphones as me. Only difference is this female had decided to place folded paper towels between her ears and the headphone cushion. Now at first I found it funny and weird at the same time. But this also took me back to a conversation I had with a few workout buddies months before about their dislike of wearing the big over the ear headphones due to the sweat that builds up while working out in them. Then it hit me as why this female is stuffing paper towels over her ears. So I started brainstorming and researching covers for my headphones. Literally two days later after seeing this female in the gym, I am finishing up and remove my headphones to turn them off and sweat ran down into the crack of my headphones and shorted the wireless feature. BOOM!! Just like that my $350 high end headphones were done. That night SoundSocks™ was born.

SoundSocks™ are designed utilizing the latest in moisture wicking fabric equal to the latest fabrics used by todays leading sports apparel brands. They were developed to reduce the risk of moisture damage to headphones caused by sweat. Another great advantage to using SoundSocks™ is the reduction of sweat buildup around the ear pad by creating a comfortable barrier between the headphone and a person's skin.


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